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The Detachable Backwater Valve

5 minutes. That is how long it takes to install an Urban Water Backwater Valve in a standard inspection chamber. And it is easily unmounted, e.g. if it needs service, if the sewer needs jetting or if you are moving out.

Our Backwater Valve includes an IT system and an app that informs you and your family, your sewer contractor and optionally the utility company.

The Backwater Valve automatically closes when the water level is high. When water levels are normal again, the valves automatically opens. No interaction with a control panel is required.

When it is time for service, either the compulsory yearly check-up or after a flood, the IT system automatically calls for your sewer contractor. You do not have to do anything – the system handles everything.

Watch the Video

In this animated video you can see how the product is installed and how it functions when the water flows backwards.

Monitoring on your Smartphone

The Backwater Valve is equipped with a control unit that keeps you and your household informed via SMS when the water level is high. You can even download an app to your smartphone, so you can always monitor your sewer.

The installer will use an app to keep track of his installation sites. Month by month, the installer retracts a list of Backwater Valves to be serviced. Subsequently he can confirm service with a single click.

About Us

The idea behind this business comes out of a personal experience with a basement full of sewage water after a heavy rainstorm in Copenhagen on July 2nd 2011. The cost of renovating the home summed up to more than 100.000,- DKK. This is covered by the insurance. Followed by a market research for an robust, easy solution the business idea emerged – it must be possible to develop a solution which is both affordable and technically better.

Since 2011 the company has come a long way. With help from several funds, e.g. ECO-Innovation, Grøn Omstillingsfond and MUDP 2014, we have come from the idea of an intelligent backwater valve, easily installable in a standard inspection chamber, to this specific product.

Flemming Lind

Flemming Lind

Luise Hartvig

Luise Hartvig

Design Engineer


Rørcenterdagene 2015

Urban Water exhibited at Ulefos’ Denmarks stand at Rørcenterdagene on june 10-11 2015.

Here is a selection of photos from the fair.